Investments and Opportunities

The Principality of Monaco offers a very attractive lifestyle. It is situated on the Mediterranean coast and it is easily accessible.

Its political and economic stability and its efficient administrative infrastructures as well as the density of financial activities and the security for residents and their property, make the Principality of Monaco a strategic location for business in Europe.

What is it that makes the Principality of Monaco not only an attractive vacation spot, but at the same time a highly recognized investment capital for investors?

Monaco offers:
The Principality of Monaco offers an ideal living environment for highly qualified professionals and their families, as it provides total security for themselves and their property, technologically advanced health facilities, numerous education possibilities for their children and, last but not least, diverse social and cultural activities.



The Banking Sector:
The Banking Sector fulfils all your needs: It constitutes a large part of Monaco’s financial activities with its 35 banks and financial establishments and more than 42 portfolio and mutual fund management companies.

The financial establishments manage international assets and offer comprehensive services to their clients.

Real Estate:

Why is Real Estate activity in Monaco promising? For various reasons:

  • For its fiscal advantages, banking environment, security and its quality of life.
  • For its endeavours to expand its territory thanks to a growing number of technological innovations.

A considerable amount of investment is made by non-residents who plan to live in Monaco only temporarily, among them a lot of French nationals who want to profit from the favourable inheritance tax laws.