About Baldo and Co

BALDO&CO REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS is a serious dynamic agency, specialized in the sale of luxury and high quality properties in Monaco and French Riviera area, both new and resale, including commercial and investment real estate. If you are looking for an apartment in Monaco, an outstanding villa on the coast, either a fabulous castle or an interesting asset investment we shall help you find the property of your dreams.

Our property portfolio comprises luxury apartments and villas in Monaco and French Riviera coast in addition to special properties further afield. (Switzerland, Italy, France (Paris) etc.)


BALDO&CO REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS’s sales staff speak English, French, Italian, Russian and have a considerable experience in property sales. 

BALDO&CO REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS has established a strong reputation for providing quality service, for honest and straightforward treatment of its buyer and vendor clients; efficiency and effectiveness of its promotional, sales and after sales services; and full coverage of the residential, commercial and investment property market.

If you are looking to sell, let, rent or buy property in Monaco or French Riviera area entrust us your expectations in order to create a successful and sound relationship.